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Below is a select list of experience to demonstrate my skills. This is not intended to be my full resume. The roles are listed chronologically but the time spent at each role is not represented.

Current Role(s)


  • Supported Apache NiFi MiNiFi to create a IOT solution for Apache NiFi
  • Because Apache NiFI Committer

Miner & Kasch

  • Building C++ Client to perform RPC Calls directly to Accumulo for BloomBerg, using existing code base.
  • Developed cloud based graph store for Merck

Prior Roles

DoD Contractor ( Invertix/WaveStrike, LLC )
Principal Software Engineer

  • Redesigned query framework with sub-second latency on large data store.
  • Worked across multiple teams to enable analytic development.
  • Researched implementations from prior personal research in the areas of formal methods and requirements analysis, applying these techniques to Cloud computing
  • Aided in the ingestion of SIGINT data for analysis and searching, using JAVA and Map/Reduce
  • Improved JAVA Map/Reduce method for removing data from large data store
  • Developed methods for enriching SIGINT data sources during real time queries.

G2 Inc.
Software Engineer Team Lead

  • Developed Analytics against large scale Column Oriented data store (Accumulo).
  • Created ingest procedure to support multiple data formats and hot swappable analytics
  • Lead team to develop data models for integrating SiLK and Trickler data for large scale unions of
    data using MapReduce.
  • Created dynamic job stopping and performance improvements to the iterators stack
  • Worked with Spring framework for dynamic loading and ActiveMQ for message delivery
  • Created rapid ingester with C++

Department of Defense
Software Engineer Team Lead

  • Used JAVA, SQL, Log4J, and JMS to create custom PKI solution, provisioning X.509 Certificates and CRLs.
  • Utilized software design patterns to create highly configurable infrastructure that is open for future extensions.
  • Created ASN.1 specifications and implementations in JAVA.
  • Followed and ensured adherence to CMC and CMS specifications.
  • Performed static software vulnerability and quality analysis on software code base.
  • Aided in the adherence to DISA RHEL STIGs

Diversified Technology
Software Engineer

  • Designed and Created Bootable Linux distribution and test framework to remotely run hardware
    tests on single board computers.
  • Wrote device driver to manipulate interrupt vector table during boot procedure, to facilitate
    interrupt pass through from user space.
  • Utilized C and Assembly to create network-based runnable test executables to evaluate memory,
    processors, SCSI devices, PCI devices and bus, and DMA controller.
  • Developed remote client to monitor testing throughout facility.
  • Utilized Java to create web front ends to control the Linux Test Platform

Prior Entrepreneurial experience:


  • Developed white papers in computer research applications within Hadoop and Accumulo
  • Developed suffix tree implementation for Accumulo and Hadoop
  • Researched and implemented prototype digital forensics API for parallelizing and running scans through images on Hadoop cluster
  • Hosted encrypted file storage through JAVA application, storing data on Amazon S3
Web Host and Mail Host

  • Wrote PERL based hosting platform that allowed users to freely create accounts, move data, and upload data via a web based file transfer mechanism
  • Supported approximately 1300 unique members before closing in 2004 to re-open paid site,
  • Created administrative interface to GREP all user files and perform build statistics as needed
  • Developed PERL based web-mail engine (CGI), implementing encrypted communications between clients with a pre-shared secret key.
  • Employed networking and mail protocols across IP networks
  • Supported approximately 900 members before selling in 2002.